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Netflix Just Announced the Release Date for The ‘Squid Games’ Reality Show

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Netflix has finally given the green light to release a few more details on a highly-anticipated reality show.

The streaming platform has completely transformed the hit South Korean series Squid Games, into one of the biggest competitions ever, but we know this already.

Courtesy of Pete Dadds/Netflix

What we didn’t know, was when Netflix was going to debut this new reality series, except now we do.

The new show will feature the largest cash prize to be offered on any reality show, and unlike the fictional tale of the South Korean series Squid Games, this new competition show is not a matter of life or death.

Courtesy of Pete Dadds/Netflix

456 players will compete for 4.56 million dollars, that’s right, 4.56 million dollars.

And the cash is all stored in a clear piggy bank hanging on the ceiling.

Courtesy of Pete Dadds/Netflix

Including several games that will push players to their limits, each player will have to decide who they should make allies with, or if they should stand apart from the crowd all together.

Although, can you really trust another player(s) while everyone else is also competing for over 4 million dollars?

Courtesy of Pete Dadds/Netflix

Competitors dressed in the familiar green and white tracksuits are briefly shown during the teaser trailer playing “Red Light, Green Light” and other new games the reality show introduces.

Netflix plans to debut the new reality show, Squid Game: The Challenge, the day before Thanksgiving on November 22.

Courtesy of Pete Dadds/Netflix

You can also watch the new teaser trailer for the competition series, here.

Courtesy of Pete Dadds/Netflix

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