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Amazon Prime Video Is Going To Show Commercials During Shows, But There’s A Way To Avoid It

Ugh. Here we go again.

Yet another streaming service has decided to show ads during their programming to boost revenue — it’s all about the money.

Amazon Prime Video, which already charges users $14.99 per month, is about to go commercial.

This means that you will be in the middle of watching a movie or a show on Amazon Prime, and every couple of minutes they will pause the programming for a commercial or two.

It’s kinda just like watching cable TV, and it sucks.

The only way to get around the commercials is to pay an extra fee — of course.

Now, it’s true, for the $14.99 that we spend per month on Amazon Prime, we also get free delivery on Amazon products.

But, up until now, that $14.99 has included ad-free streaming of movies and shows.

If you want to avoid the commercials, you will be charged an additional $2.99 per month — making your monthly total $17.98.

Why the heck does everything have to be so dang expensive?!?

This new fee is going to go into effect early next year, so be prepared.

Be looking for an email from Amazon that will announce the change, and tell you how to upgrade to their ad free service if you so desire.