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There Is A Limited-Edition Costco Monopoly Game And It’s My Favorite Version Yet

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Grab your rotisserie chicken, and gather ’round the family game table.

There’s a new Monopoly game in the house, and it just might be my favorite one yet.


Now, I’ll admit. My family is a bit obsessed with Monopoly.

We pretty much buy all the Monopoly versions we can find: Target Monopoly, Stranger Things Monopoly, Mandalorian Monopoly, Hallmark Channel Monopoly — you name it, we probably own it.

Hallmark Channel

The newest Monopoly to hit stores is Costco Monopoly, and it’s exclusive to — of course — Costco.

If you have spent any time in the Costco shopping warehouse, you totally have to check this game out!


Play your favorite family game while celebrating your favorite shopping experience! This Monopoly game commemorates what has made Costco a destination for 40 years.


The details of this Costco Monopoly game are spot on.

You will find 6 extra-large Costco-themed die-cast play tokens: a Pizza, a Forklift, a Shopping Cart, a Slice of Pizza, a Hot Dog Combo, and a Costco Gold Card.


The only thing missing is the rotisserie chicken, right?!?

Y’all. Instead of hotels and houses, they have Costco Warehouses and 32 Food Court Tables. How fun is that?!?


Instead of houses and hotels, they have food court tables and warehouses. The real estate on this board is 22 locations from around the world.


This Costco Monopoly game is recommended for ages 8+ — but, to be honest, I’d totally let my 6-year-old nephew play.

He may not understand all the little details, but we will all have so much fun!


This Costco-exclusive Monopoly game runs $44.99, and it would make the perfect Christmas gift for that person who finds themself at Costco every single week.

You can get your own Costco Monopoly Game in a Costco Warehouse near you — OR you can order it on the Costco website.


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