Hallmark Channel Monopoly Exists And It’s Just In Time For The Holidays

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The few times that I’ve played Monopoly I absolutely loved the game and now that they have a Hallmark Channel inspired board game, Monopoly just got 10x better!

The Hallmark Channel is a blessing during Christmas time and we all know that feeling late at night while getting ready to watch the countdown to Christmas with our pjs on, a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn.


Since the 1st day of December is 66 days away which is so close yet so far, the Hallmark Channel knows we want the holiday cheer as soon as possible; therefore, their releasing the new game of Monopoly as early as October!

Courtesy of Hallmark Channel

If you’re a monopoly genius, you may have already known that the Hallmark Channel released their own genre of Monopoly last year; however, this year’s board game has some serious improvements.

Let me give me you some of the details!

Courtesy of Hallmark Channel

From the collectible tokens to the holiday themed board, you can expect to find Hallmark Channel inspired everything; for example, locations such as the Boardwalk or Park Place are now  Christmas tree farm, “Mistletoe Mountain,” and the “Tinsel Toy Shop.”

Oh and get this, even the cash is Hallmark themed decorated with the iconic white dog mascot and the classic red scarf. 

What better way to prepare for the holidays early this year than playing a not so competitive game (at least that’s what I tell my friends), holiday themed and Hallmark Channel inspired Monopoly.

You can get the festive board game here for $40!


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