Cinnabon Has a New Chillatta Drink That is Loaded with Churros and Caramel

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Holy cow, I totally planned for this year to be the year that I dropped the weight. But with all of these new releases, how is that going to happen?


Cinnabon is throwing a wrench in my plan with the new Frozen Churro Chillatta! Look at it! OH MY GOSH!

UM, hello baby!! This is literally a frozen blend of churros, caramel & cream. I think I need to invest in more leggings.


You totally get to choose if you want a Churro Stick or a Churro Swirl! I’ll take one of each, please!

Seriously though, I’ll limit myself to one, this time at least.


So much caramel! So much cinnamon! So much YUM! How can I pass this up? Cinnabon, what are you doing to me?


Cinnabon says the Churro Chillatta won’t be here long but they didn’t post an end date for this bad boy.

I guess this means we need to go get one every day while we can!


I know I’ll be picking up a few of these tomorrow for me and the teens!

Which one are you getting? The Churro Swirl or the Churro Stick? I think I’ll go for the Cinnabon Churro Chillatta with the Churro Stick!


Don’t forget, if you don’t want the Chillatta, you can totally order a Churro on its own!


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