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An Albino Baby Wallaby Was Born At A Zoo In Kansas And It Is Adorable

You know the wallaby? That cute little kangaroo-like animal from Australia? It’s adorable, right?

I didn’t know it was possible to up the cuteness factor, but check out this little guy that was just born over at the Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kansas.

It’s an ALBINO wallaby, complete with red eyes and fur completely devoid of all color!!

His name is Bruny, and I have to see him in real life!!

Sunset Zoo Head Keeper Savannah Brethauer said albino wallabies, who have little or no melanin production, typically have health problems, such as cancers and sun sensitivity, but so far, Bruny appears to be in good health.


Now, much like the kangaroo, the wallaby is a marsupial (it has a pouch). That means when a momma wallaby has her baby, it is born before it is completely formed.

The baby crawls to the momma’s pouch, and continues to grow and form in the pouch until it is time to emerge.

There are TWO little joeys at the Sunset Zoo!!

Zoo keepers at the Sunset Zoo are pretty sure that this momma wallaby gave birth to two joeys (baby wallabies) back in December of 2020, but Bruny just made his appearance in late September.

The other wallaby, Arlo, emerged before Bruny, and he is a normal brown wallaby (he is adorable, too!!).

“It’s really nice getting to see their personalities now that they are fully out of the pouch,” said their Keeper, Amelia Jerome. “We have never had two joeys at the same time so it will be fun to see them play and interact with each other.”


I keep calling Bruny a “he,” but zookeepers haven’t actually determined if Bruny is a male or female.

If you want to see these two joeys in person, you better hop on over to the Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kansas. These little guys won’t stay little forever!!

Bruny and other Wallabies can be seen at the Australian Walkabout at Sunset Zoo daily from 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.