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Looking To Get Away This Summer? Amtrak Is Offering A Huge Discount On Their 10-Day Rail Pass.

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I have ALWAYS wanted to travel by train — it doesn’t even really matter where!

I mean, there have been books written about riding on a train, there have been movies made about it, and it seems like all the cool people have a romantic train story to tell — I want that!!

Turns out, it has never been more possible to take that train adventure than right NOW — and you just may see a bunch of new states in the process!!

Amtrak — the GIANT in the world of passenger trains — has a deal going on as we speak, and you can travel all around the country for an entire month for one fixed price.

Well, you have to cut your travel plans down to 10 trips, but that’s still a TON of the U.S. you get to see in a month!

And, this train rail pass is even on SALE right now, so you can save $200 on your month-long vacay.

Think about it — if you took 10 plane flights in a month — you’d be looking at hundreds — possibly even thousands of dollars!

This comes at a GREAT time, as we have been cooped up at home for a year, and the world is FINALLY opening back up to just about normal.

Amtrak says this deal is the “best if you want to explore the country and make stops along the way.”

They aren’t joking!! Think of the possibilities!!

There are plenty of states that I’d love to go check out — and I can even take my kids to explore all the new things!

This deal is only happening NOW through JUNE 22, so you might want to mosey on over to the Amtrak website, and check it out!


So, the way it works is, you pay one price — currently $299 for each rail pass.

The tickets are normally 30% more than that — you can figure it out, I don’t math.

Then, you have 120 days to book your FIRST trip on the tracks.

Once you take your first trip, your 30 days starts.

You can use the rail pass up to 10 times in that month — that’s only 30 bucks a trip!!

Don’t know where to go?

They have OVER 500 destinations to choose from — so basically the sky’s the limit — as long as it’s in the continental U.S.

USA Rail Pass is available for travel in Coach class, featuring wide, reclining seats with a big picture window, ample legroom, and no middle seat. Upgrades to Business Class and private room accommodations are not available at this time.


I am totally going to take advantage of this Amtrak Rail Pass Deal!!

Now, to decide, East Coast or West Coast??

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