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Jerry Bruckheimer Spills The Tea On Johnny Depp Returning To The ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Franchise 

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As we all know by now, Johnny Depp was dropped by Disney from the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise.

I’m just gonna say it. Pirates isn’t Pirates without Captain Jack Sparrow.

Prove me wrong.

And, for goodness sakes, do NOT recast the role. I think Disney might have a riot on their hands.

But, what about the Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard lawsuit? Has this changed anything for the future of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates franchise?

Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, was recently asked if Jack Sparrow might be headed back to the Caribbean any time soon.

He gave a very honest and to the point answer.

Margot Robbie has taken over the proverbial wheel — the literal helm — in the Pirates movie franchise.

She is supposed to head a Pirates spinoff that features a mostly female cast embarking on a totally new storyline.

According to The Sunday Times, Jerry Bruckheimer acknowledged that the studio is currently working on two Pirates screenplays.

One of those scripts features Margot Robbie — Harley Quinn herself — and one of them doesn’t.

When asked if Captain Jack Sparrow might return for one of the future Pirates of the Caribbean movies, he gave the news we didn’t want to hear.

Will Johnny Depp Return To The Pirates Of The Caribbean Franchise?

Not at this point. The future is yet to be decided.

Jerry Bruckheimer

*Sad Face*

I mean, he didn’t shoot the entire idea down. That’s promising, I suppose.

As far as Robbie playing the lead, fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise are torn.

While some seemed to be in favor of it, others declared that the series couldn’t move forward without Johnny Depp in the lead role.


As you can probably guess, I am in the second camp. No Captain Jack, No Pirates!

Here’s the thing, though. Johnny Depp doesn’t seem too attached to the idea of returning to the Caribbean.

During his legal proceedings, Depp made the comment that he is basically over his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. He has no interest in returning to that particular character role.

So, it’s not looking promising for Johnny Depp to return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

HOWEVER, never say never. It’s not over until they kill off his character. Heck, as we’ve seen in the past, killing off a character doesn’t even mean it’s over for them.

If you want to get caught up on all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, you can currently stream them on Disney+.

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