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Dan Levy Had a Message on His Met Gala Look and It’s Just One More Reason To Love Him

I absolutely LOVE watching the Met Gala each year, simply for the amazing and unique outfits!

Some outfits were a little…much. (*cough* Kim Kardashian) But others like Dan Levy, Took the opportunity to make a statement.

At first glance, this look is a LOT. But the mapped etching of the two men locking lips is a clear statement that love is love.

This entire ensemble was to tribute to the late David Wojnarowicz, an American artist who died from AIDS in 1992.

“He wanted to make a really declarative and proud statement about queer love, which I’m absolutely in love with.”

Phillip Picardi

I am all for statement pieces and definitely all for honoring those who have passed, so props to Dan Levy for this amazing ensemble!

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