If Your Kids Like Superhero Movies, They Need To Watch Netflix’s New Superhero Film

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While all the other kids of the world were dreaming of being a firefighter or an actress, I wanted to be a secret agent. Oh yes, sunglasses and all. You could say Spy Kids had me a little obsessed.

Over the years, I have realized that I probably should have figured that one out, because I still have the itch for it. And this new Netflix film just reminded me more of it.


Now, of course, since I am an adult, it’s far too cheesy for me at the age I am now. But We Can Be Heroes is an amazing movie for kids! It had the perfect blend that was previously in Sharkboy and Lavagirl, as well as Spy Kids!


And of course, the most adorable of all is little miss Guppy, the daughter of the two famed heroes.


I definitely suggest this as a movie for your kids to watch. And for you too if you miss your Spy Kids days, or even the original Sharkboy and Lavagirl movie!


I say props to Netflix on this one. It’s the first time in awhile I’ve seen a kids movie that was actually meant for kids. That’s hard to find these days.


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