Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New Star Wars Ride at Disney World

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I’ve been excited to check out Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge since it was announced.

See, I’m a die-hard Star Wars fan that admits that while I, II and III sucked, they would have been awesome if we hadn’t grown-up on the amazingness that was New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

A flyover view of Batuu, the faux planet created by Disney to be the setting for the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge entertainment attraction.

And don’t get me started on you blow-hards out there that hate on The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi–you guys, I know there were flaws, but COME ON.

And how you guys killed poor Solo: A Star Wars Story–let’s just leave that as a “agree to disagree thing” because, as a stand-alone, without having been associated with the “greats” it was pretty awesome.

Now that I’ve told you nay-sayers in the back row to sit down–let’s talk about what I REALLY want to get to…the FREAKING AMAZING effort that Disney has put into our collective experiences at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

As of right now, there’s not like anyone actually who’s actually been ON the rides–or attractions or whatever you want to call them, but there are a lot of people that have gotten sneak-peeks and some action on the part of Disney to let us in a little.

And they released cast member outfits just this last week that really show us all the thought they’re going into.

Kinda killer.


As of right now we’re just getting glimpses into the eventual experience, but dang.

Just dang, Disney.

Your outfits are–well, outfits that might have come from Urban Outfitters (or is that REI?) but could also have come from Tattoine–or Jubba.

Whatever. They’re awesome.


And then there’s the reports about the 28-minutes of heaven we’re going to get to experience.

EFFING 28 (TWENTY EFFING EIGHT!) minutes of fun.

I’m seriously apoplectic about how awesome that is.

A view of the inside "galley area" of the Melinnium Falcon ride at Start Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
Source: StarWars.com

And then there’s the whole “immersive” element with the animitronics, the hotels, the food and everything they’re bringing together.

Like, I get to stay IN THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE.

Not just for my 28-minute ride.

But for the whole time I’m there. I might as well get all dressed-up and even put me on some Star Wars Makeup, because this is so real.

I mean, seriously, check out Hondo one of the animatronic characters.


Although, let’s be honest, it’s getting a LITTLE cheesey up in here that the Toydarian (yeah, you read that right) is running the TOY store…and the toys are a bit, well, hmmm…

Stuffed figurines that will be available as souvenirs at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
Source: StarWars.com

And, I’ll be honest, that’s NOT exactly like what I would expect in an immersive experience–but, we do have to be honest with ourselves that the endgame here is not for Disney to make us all feel good, but rather for them to get a chunk from our wallets.

Having an immersive experience (to a point) will certainly do that.

Because, most people’s attitudes: “Where can I spend my cash?”

My answer: on these holocrons.

Holocrons in red triangle shape and blue cube shape that will be available for purchase as souvenirs at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
Source: StarWars.com

And building your own droid.

Which is actually, really cool.

Multiple customized droids that will be available at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge for visitors to create and buy to take home as souvenirs.
Source: StarWars.com

But, just keep it in perspective, right?

I mean, it’s not like it’s ACTUALLY Batuu. It’s still a Disney Park and it’s still just another way to separate a dollar from a wallet.

BUT, still cool and totally worth a little time at least thinking about checking it out when it finally opens.

And, if you’re seriously planning a trip to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you have to check out these 6 Disney Hotel Hacks for Your Trip to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and make the best of your vacation.

The line starts here. You in?


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