You Can Get Mickey Mouse Balloon Ears That Light Up and They Are Magical

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Y’all! Disney has done it again! Check out these new Mickey Mouse Balloon Ears that the geniuses at Disney have created!


My collection of Mickey ears is getting embarrassingly large…

Between the REGULAR Mickey Ears (Okay, I have the Minnie Mouse version), the Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears, the Betsey Johnson Mermaid ears, and even the Bronze Ear collection, it’s becoming a bit of an obsession of mine!

Courtesy of tiffsdisneylife on Instagram

These NEW Mickey Mouse ears resemble those much sought after Mickey Mouse balloons they have in the parks!


And, dude! These ears light up. I’m dying right now! Gah!


They are so freaking cute! Little balloon bubbles instead of ears. I LOVE them!


They also proclaim “Best. Day. Ever.” on the side, in colorful Disney blue, red, and yellow.


You can TOTALLY plan a road trip to one of the parks, just to snatch up a pair of these ears — and ride all the awesome rides, of course.


These cute accessories for your noggin are so new, they aren’t even on the ShopDisney website yet!


I’ve only seen them in RED so far, but really, that’s the BEST color! It totally reminds me of classic Mickey Mouse.


Is it wrong that I sometimes wear my ears around the house while I clean? It just makes the whole experience more magical — if cleaning your house can REALLY be a magical experience.


I’m still waiting for Snow White’s animal friends to come help me clean! Ha! It could happen, right?!?


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