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These Metal Zombie Creatures Are The Perfect Accessories For Your Yard This Halloween

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You can get Zombie Metal Yard Art just in time for Halloween, and my yard is about to be full of the walking dead!


I love to decorate my yard for Halloween, but usually I stick to the more cutesy decorations and forego the scary ghoulish yard enhancements.

Home Depot / Target

These Zombie Metal Yard Art Creatures are a happy medium — too cute to be scary but scary enough to fit right in with the spooky holiday.

They make even the most horrendous holiday a happy one!!


You can get a “scary” zombie girl, a zombie boy, a zombie Jack O’ Lantern, or a “happy” zombie girl — and I love them all.

Each one is handmade with a metal plate, so you know it’s going to last year after year.


If you want to create a horrible atmosphere of joy during Halloween, these zombie kids are a good choice.


All of these zombie decorations stand 30 inches tall, and vary in width from 18 to 25 inches.


You just stick these right down into your soil — no tethers or stabilizers are required to make these zombies stand tall.


These would be perfect in your garden, along your walkway, or awaiting those trick-or-treaters at your door.


You could even illuminate each one of these zombies with one of these solar-powered tiki torches to give them an extra spooky glow.


You can get your own Zombie Metal Creatures from the Gabtelyn shop on Etsy.


They are about 30 bucks a piece, or you can get all 4 for about $109.

And, of course, my favorite part — These Zombie Metal Creatures ship for FREE!!!


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