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8 Things Only Moms With Anxiety Truly Understand

It’s like a daily issue where something, and I mean SOMETHING goes weird. Us moms just seem to have those moments where we can’t find our keys just magically find them in the refrigerator or we can’t remember if we turned off our curling iron before we left home.

And those moments cause so much anxiety. It’s hard enough being a mom, but when you put anxiety on top of that? Brutal. Here’s a few more things that get my anxiety flared up, maybe you can relate!

8 Things Only Moms With Anxiety Truly Understand

1. The Faulty Alarm. Okay, so maybe it was human error but at any rate there is nothing more stressful then waking up when it’s light out and you realize you’re 20 minutes late walking out the door and you haven’t even brushed your teeth, made your child lunch or even put on pants. Not to mention gotten your child ready. “Oh lord, we’re so late, almost out of gas and I didn’t feed my daughter breakfast….is it Monday?”

2. I should have learned a foreign language. This is nothing like it sounds, this pertains to my daughter coming to me for help with her homework and I can’t understand a damn word she is saying. It completely stresses me out…When it comes to math, numbers and letters do not go together in my opinion..My brain goes into overload even trying to understand the things she’s talking about…I tell her, “Get a tutor, cause I can’t hep you”.

3. My child is going to go hungry. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if my house was close to her school but it’s a couple hour drive, I’ve been guilty about forgetting to give her her lunch money. Then I think to myself the rest of the day,”Great, my child is going to starve, I’m a horrible Mother”. I realize that they feed them cheese sandwiches, but then I feel even worse that she’s eating that sad, sad lunch.

4. Check your pockets. When I do laundry, I don’t check pockets. Ever. My husband knows this and always empties his own so no worries there, but me…when I forgot my juicy shaker in my pocket (Oh, hell no) and washed it with his work uniform (Double hell no). For 40 minutes I paced and prayed to the Shout gods to get it out…Thankfully it did and after that highly stressful moment I’ll do better at checking my pockets. (Maybe)

5. Company is coming, Company is Coming!!!!!! If you’ve ever seen a chicken running around with it’s head cut off that’s me when company is on it’s way. The phone rings, “Hi, we’re in the neighborhood, we thought we’d stop by and say hello…we’ll be by in 20 minutes.”  20 MINUTES? How am I supposed to disinfect the entire house, in 20 minutes? Oh my gosh, they’re gonna think we live like pigs!! My family staring at me like they see no problem, ask what I’d like them to do…but I can’t think, there’s too many things to accomplish in 20 minutes…This house has to be presentable!!!!!!

6. What day is it? I think I’m being so smooth, writing appointments and times on the calendar to show up 15 minutes early, just to find out I wrote down the wrong date and missed my appointment by a day. Great. Now they can’t get me in for another month because they’re booked. Okay, I’ll endure another month, I can do this…I think. I’ll try not to go postal.

7. There just never seems to be enough tampons stocked. You pick up a couple boxes, store them under the cupboard, life ensues and then you realize…you threw the last box away. Midnight trip to Walmart. There is nothing that makes that  questionable trip to the store comfortable. “Please God, don’t let me bleed through, Please…please.” What a relief to make it home to with no visible issues.

8. Winter roads and a worried wife. My husband has to make an 80 mile a trip to work in the most snow drifted, flat land, white-out country ever…so I always ask him to text me when he gets there. I’m constantly waiting for that text…when I don’t here, I text, “You make it okay” response, 5 minutes later, “Are you okay?” no response. By now he should have been at work for at least an hour. I begin to imagine him dying in a ditch…final text, “If I don’t hear from you in 10 minutes I’m headed that way” And then the response, “I’m sorry babe, morning started out crazy, I made it fine, I love you! I didn’t mean to make you worry!” Whew. I can breathe again.

Can you relate to these Mom stresses ? Share with us in the comments!!!!