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Word On The Street Is…We’ll Be Saying Goodbye To Supernatural Soon, And Some Of Us Aren’t Ready

Anyone who has ever peeped a single episode of Supernatural likely remembers it. It’s one of those shows you either love or hate, and man have I had an up and down road with it. But I’m not ready to say goodbye to the show, which makes the rumors that have been around since September pretty hard to take. Word on the street is we’ll be saying goodbye to Supernatural soon, and I, for one, am not ready for that.

Word On The Street Is…We’ll Be Saying Goodbye To Supernatural Soon, And Some Of Us Aren’t Ready

Supernatural may be coming to a close in Season 14. That’s the word.

You can see a bunch of other sites with way more credible information than me explain the reasons why and source what the actors said. I won’t dispute or speculate on that. What I want to talk about is…when did you first see Supernatural? Are you a Dean, Sam or Cas “girl” (hey, boys can be a Dean/Sam/Cas girl, too)?

The first time I saw the show was somewhere around 2010 so either season 5 or 6 was airing. I had a temporary roommate who was an avid Supernatural fan and wrote fan fiction based on it for a couple of different sites. I’m pretty sure I jumped in at a super weird episode, because I did not get it. At all. So I skipped out and it became our playful thing I poked fun at her over. I mean, we all have that guilty pleasure, but I wasn’t ready for something as great as Supernatural. I kinda had to grow into it.

Fast forward several years to…2014 I think? My then-boyfriend-now-husband and I were scrolling Netflix looking for something to watch. People were still watching–and loving–Supernatural, so we decided to give it a go from episode one. Now, because of my previous roommate I knew something of what was coming, and I won’t lie. It took a season to really get into for me, but eventually, it hooked me, too.

Haters of the show point out it’s cheese factor, the unbelievable things the guys pull off, and how many times they’ve fixed the apocalypse. And yeah, I’ll admit, they do a lot of really outlandish, unrealistic things. But you know what? That’s what heroes do. No one bats an eyelash when Superman stops a bullet train or picks up a mountain. Sam, Dean and their team are just another vein of superhero. Call them an anti-hero, vigilante, whatever, they have that thing about them which drives them to do something great despite what they should be doing. Which, for Dean is to just walk around shirtless and Sam can just lay in the grass shirtless with puppies. Basically, if they weren’t monster hunters, they should be full-time shirtless guys. Agreed?

We all have reasons why we got into the show, why we’ve stuck with it, why we like it. And it’s been with us for so long we feel invested in the characters, the actors, what they’re all doing. I think that’s a big reason why

the Supernatural conventions work. People feel connected through the show and what they love, they find other people who are different like them, and that’s beautiful. There aren’t tons of franchises that foster that sense of belonging in their fans.

It’s undeniable that anyone who watches the show has a character. Someone they gravitate toward more than others. The  most common divide is, are you a Dean girl, or a Sam girl?

Personally, I never quite liked Dean over Sam or Sam over Dean, but I loved Cas. His intent, what he was about, the way he questioned the world order and chose to change things rather than fall in line, I really loved what he continues to stand for in the show. (editor’s note: I’m a Chuck girl. Just FYI…)

So who do you root for? What were your favorite moments? When did you start watching? And are you going to cry when we have to say goodbye?

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