Duncan Hines Released Mega Cookie Kits Complete With The Pan To Make It In

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Have you just ever needed a cookie? Like, you can feel in your SOUL that you need a warm gooey cookie? Please tell me that’s not just me.

Check this out. Duncan Hines has these Mega Cookie Kits. They come complete with a cookie pan, and I need two of each, please.

I guess you could share these big ol’ 6-inch cookies with someone, but WHY WOULD YOU?!? I mean, COME ON! That’s a giant cookie, and I need all of it in MY face.

This cookie comes in THREE great flavors: Double Chocolate Chunk, Sugar Cookie, and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.


You’re probably expecting Double Chocolate Chunk to be my favorite, but NOPE! I’m an Oatmeal girl, all day long, baby! YUM!!

Wait! I haven’t told you the BEST part about these cookies! They are microwaveable. I’m not even kidding. You just mix up the included cookie mix in the pan, and stick it in the microwave for two minutes.

Oh, and the pan is included!!

In less than like three minutes total, you can go from a box of ingredients, to a full blown warm gooey cookie. Gah!


Duncan Hines is genius. I mean, we have been able to get single serving cake cups from Duncan Hines for a while, but these cookies are new. I am so happy right now.


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