Effective Immediately, Disney Parks Just Increased Ticket Prices. Here’s What You Need to Know.

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Planning a Disney trip soon? Well, if you accounted for a certain amount for tickets, you might have to rethink that strategy.

As of today, Disney Parks Just Increased Ticket Prices effective immediately. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Courtesy of Disneyland

Earlier today (2/11/20) Disney Parks announced a ticket price increase that would go into effect immediately.

Get Away Today

How much will Disneyland tickets cost now?

Here are the following Disneyland ticket prices:

For starters, the price of MaxPass went up to $20 per person, per day.

Other ticket prices include:

1 Day – 1 Park$104, 129, 149 (Value, Regular, Peak)$104, 114, 124, 139, 154 (Tiers 1 – 5)
1 Day – Park Hopper$154, 179, 199 (Value, Regular, Peak)$159, 169, 179, 194, 209 (Tiers 1 – 5)
2 Day$225$235
2 Day with Park Hopper$280$290
3 Day$300$310
3 Day with Park Hopper$355$365
4 Day$325$340
4 Day with Park Hopper$380$395
5 Day$340$360
5 Day with Park Hopper$395$415

In addition, Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida has also increased its prices for the annual pass, with the least expensive EPCOT After 4 Pass (Florida Residents only) increasing from $304 to $319.

The most expensive, Disney Platinum Plus Pass increased from $1,219 to $1,295, according to WDW News.

Get Away Today

Is there any discounts on tickets?

Yes! In fact, we have partnered with a company called Get Away Today and we can offer discounted ticket prices (the 2019 ticket prices) until February 20, 2020 but you have to book through this link here.

With the discount you will save $15-$75 depending on which ticket you choose:

2-Day Park Hopper or 1-Park per Day: $15 Savings
2-Day with MaxPass: $25 Savings

3-Day Park Hopper or 1-Park per Day: $15 Savings
3-Day with MaxPass: $30 Savings

4-Day Park Hopper or 1-Park per Day: $20 Savings
4-Day with MaxPass: $35 Savings

5-Day Park Hopper or 1-Park per Day: $50 Savings
5-Day with MaxPass: $75 Savings


Plus, you can put your vacation on layaway so you don’t have to pay the entire trip up front and lock in the prices.

I’ve personally used Get Away Today for every one of my vacations and they are amazing to work with.

You can get your discounted tickets here.

So, make sure you don’t wait to get your tickets or you’ll miss out on the final discount and have to pay full price.


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