Duncan Hines Single-Serving Unicorn Cake Mix is Happening!

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If it’s Unicorn themed or colored, I am all over it.

First came Unicorn Themed Mac and Cheese and now, my heart is fulfilled because Duncan Hines Single-Serving Unicorn Cake Mix is Happening!

Yes, you can have a magical, unicorn dessert all to yourself without any judgement.

Photo credit: Food Business News

Duncan Hines is known for their delicious boxed cake mixes and they are about to be known in a much more magical way.

I won’t lie, Duncan Hines has some of the best tasting and moist cake mixes around.

By the way, did you know some people can’t stand the sound of the word “moist”?

Anyways, back to this magical dessert…

Duncan Hines announced the release of this tasty dessert today and hopefully it will be released in-stores soon.


While we don’t know the actual flavor of it yet, we do know it is called “Unicorn Cookies & Pudding” and offers a rainbow sprinkle topping.


I cannot wait to get my hands all over this tasty treat!


In the meantime, if you are looking for Unicorn themed treats, check out 30 Different Kinds of Unicorn Poop (yes, totally edible!)


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