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Games And Activities That Will Get Your Family Moving At Home

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Well, we are all pretty much stuck around the house. Most of us aren’t confined to the house, YET, but we are all, HOPEFULLY, practicing social distancing.

Have you ever had to stay inside with a child that hasn’t had time for a proper recess? *YIKES* So, what the heck do we do to get moving, and get some form of exercise in?

Here are some fun activities to get those *wiggles* out while your stuck inside.

1. Take a Walk Around the Block. We aren’t forced to strictly stay inside. Go on a family walk around the block. Get some fresh air, and have some fun. As long as you are staying a good 6 feet away from others, you should be good.

2. Jumping Jax Gym. This is a fun kids exercise video on YouTube. Parents and kids can do this together!

Courtesy of Jumping Jax Gym on YouTube

3. Jump Rope. This doesn’t take a whole lot to set up and plan. Go in your front or back yard, bust out that jump rope that’s been hanging out at the bottom of the toy box, and get to jumping. Make it fun, by having contests with each other.

4. Just Dance — What Does the Fox Say. My kids LOVE this. It is basically the Just Dance game, but it is on YouTube, so you can follow along with the dance.

Courtesy of Just Dance on YouTube

5. A Good Ol’ Game of Hopscotch. If your house is anything like mine, you have sidewalk chalk EVERYWHERE! Your driveway would be GREAT for this activity. Make sure you stay away from people and cars.

6. Trolls Can’t Stop The Feeling — GoNoodle. You can’t help but get up and move to this video. You can get it right on YouTube.

Courtesy of Trolls GoNoodle on YouTube

7. Game of Catch. I know, if you have kids, you have about eleventy million balls hanging out around the house. Grab that tennis ball, that mini soccer ball, that football, or even that golf ball, go out into your yard, and throw that ball back and forth. Involve the entire family. See how long you can keep the ball going without touching the ground!

8. Bo on the Go. If you have youngish kids, and you have Netflix, this is a show that my daughter was OBSESSED with. It is a cartoon story that “embarks on an adventure through movement,” according to the Netflix description. Your kids will love it! (They also have episodes on YouTube)

Courtesy of Bo on the Go on YouTube

9. tiNiWorld — Gummy Bear Song. We have played this so many times at our house, I can hear it in my sleep. Ha! It is an easy YouTube dance for the whole family.

Courtesy of tiNiWorld on YouTube

10. Family Yoga. Get your whole family together to do this interactive family yoga video on YouTube.

Courtesy of Family Yoga Class on YouTube

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