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People Are Making Unicorns Out Of Pool Noodles And They’re So Cute!

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People blow my mind, they think of the coolest things and Im just like why didn’t I think of that?

Pool noodles have evolved way beyond the cheap pool float that they started out as.

They’ve moved well beyond the original purpose and have become the basis for so many other crafts, activities, and uses.


Some people are turning pool noodles into floating candles for their pools!

Now people are turning the pool noodles into magical unicorns and it’s super cheap and easy to do!

popupplayphilly – Instagram

There are a few ways you can do it that I found tutorials for online.

They all start off with pool noodles, you’ll need one pool noodle for each unicorn you plan to make.

You’ll also need some felt, a 3×2 inch foam cone (one per unicorn), giant google eyes, glue, scissors, ribbon, etc.

You can improvise and swap out the items needed for whatever you have on hand really.

I found the pool noodle unicorns made so many different ways, but it does seem like the felt sheets work best for cutting and making the unicorn mane.

popupplayphilly – Instagram

The best tutorials I found for making these fun pool noodle unicorns are from Raising Whasians and The Keeper of the Cheerios.

These would be so much fun for a birthday party!

msgwenniepennie – Instagram

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