You Can Get A Beach-Inspired Cat House At Target And They Make Me Ready For Summer

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I’m so thankful for Target you guys, it’s true that this store has everything you need and even more!

I thought I’ve seen it all at the beloved store, but this item right here, proves I was wrong for even thinking that.

So you must be wondering, what could it possibly be? Well, this item is typically more beneficiary if you have a pet cat, unless you’re trying to sleep in a house that’s super tiny and with no bed…

Courtesy of Target

It is a beach themed home for your car and is totally adorable, especially with the Flamingo right out front in roller blades!

It’s one of the cutest houses I’ve ever seen that’s made specifically for a cat.

It’s not only super colorful, but the bottom interior is a scratcher, so your cat can scratch all day long while relaxing in its new home!

Your goal this summer: get to the beach and have a blast. So why not share some of the fun with your cat? The Beach Scratcher House by Sun Squad™ does just that in the comfort of your home. Made of surprisingly resilient corrugated cardboard with a colorful beach print, it assembles easily and makes a cozy beach “changing” corner for your feline pal. A built-in scratch pad inside makes a more inviting place for your pet to exercise his claws than your living room couch. Whether or not you’re beach bound for the weekend, bring some of the fun home for your favorite companion!

What’s also cool about this item, is that the outside is decorated for the Summer season, because who doesn’t want a beach themed house for their beloved animal!

Courtesy of Target

There is also a Fourth of July themed house so my cat can party like it’s 1999 every day.

For $15 dollars at Target, you can purchase the adorable homes right on their website.

Courtesy of Target

Besides, our animals are family, so they deserve an even cooler house than we have!

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