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You Can Get Jewelry Made From Barbie Doll Pieces And They Are Pretty Amazing

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This lady makes jewelry out of recycled Barbie dolls, and I’m really not sure how I feel about it.

I grew up playing with Barbies — who didn’t, right? — but I’m not sure how I feel about wearing chopped up Barbie pieces as fashion accessories.


I have to process this. I’m not sure if it’s weird, super cool, or a little of both.

Margaux Lange likes to take old Barbie dolls, and upcycles them into different jewelry pieces.

She uses different parts of the doll — from ears, to chest, to eyeballs — along with hand fabricated sterling silver, and creates different and unique pieces of art jewelry.

I started playing with Barbie dolls as a little girl – and never stopped. I love that what consumed my play time as a child, is now the focus of my career as an adult.

Margaux Lange Jewelry

Some of the designs are hella cool — like this Smile Necklace.

Some are just plain weird — like this “cluster of ears” earring set.

At least, they are weird to ME — you may LOVE them.

Now, I do have this to say about the pieces, the prices are a bit up there.

But, you have to consider that you are getting works of art, and not just casual jewelry to wear around the house.

The pieces also sell out pretty quickly, so if you see something you like, don’t sit debating the purchase for too long.

It might be gone before you know it!

But, don’t be SHOCKED when you see how much that piece you want will set you back.

This tear drop face, which I think is pretty darn cool, is going to set you back about $250, but I’ve seen some of her things upwards of $1200.

Remember, these are one-of-a-kind pieces that are statements to the craft and the art of each piece.

To check out all of Margaux Lange’s current pieces of jewelry art, you can go to her website HERE.

To see some awesome pictures of more of her creations, you can go HERE.

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