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What Would You Do For A Donut Shaped Coffee Flavored Klondike Bar?

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Coffee is my favorite food group. Don’t bother arguing with me, it’s pointless to even try, coffee is life.

Now when someone combines coffee with other things, I pay attention. Especially when that other thing is ice cream.

Real Coffee!


Klondike has gone and done just that! They are bringing us a brand new way to enjoy our coffee and ice cream together.

Last January they released donut-inspired ice cream bars. They came 3 flavors, Boston Cream, Triple Chocolate, and Frosted Strawberry.


They are shaped like square donuts. I’m super excited about this fourth flavor being added to the lineup.

They’re called the ‘Wake Me Up Coffee Donuts’ from Klondike and I can not wait to try them!


The ‘Wake Me Up Coffee Donuts’ are made with 100% Arabica Columbian coffee-flavored frozen dairy dessert.

It’s completely covered in a dark chocolate hard shell and a white drizzle! Doesn’t that look so good?


You’ll want to start checking major retailers soon. The word is that they come out January 2021, and well… it’s January 2021 now.


Maybe they can work on an espresso flavored one next! Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Wake up and smell the … donuts?! Skip the donut shop and head to the ice cream aisle to enjoy our N-E-W Wake Me Up Coffee Klondike Donut with 100% Arabica Columbian Coffee in every bite


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