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10 Truths Moms Of Girls Know Too Well…

When I found out I was having a girl, my mind raced ahead to the bazillion things I wanted to do with her. In my mind I was a Pinterest mom both before my child was born, and before Pinterest was a thing. Mine would be the sweetest, most amazing, daring, and way coolest of all her little girl friends. She is the best thing I’ve ever done, and I didn’t know what it was to live before she existed. Still, girls are Not the sugar and spice and everything nice that everyone told me about. They are complex little creatures and there are at least 10 Truths Moms Of Girls Know Too Well and will all agree on…number one is that our little girls have had us wrapped like a curl around their fingers from the very beginning and that nothing is sweeter than when your daughter says I Love You…and means it.

Girls are not exactly sugar and spice and everything are 10 Truths Moms Of Girls Know All Too now!

10 Truths Moms Of Girls Know Too Well…

1. Glitter spreads like a zombie virus. It is impossible to get rid of and you’re probably already carrying it. Scrub all you want, vacuum until your hands bleed, that glitter isn’t going Anywhere.

2. If you wanted a girly girl… chances are you’re going to have a tom boy, and vice versa. The good news is that girl personalities change almost daily, so the second you start stocking up on camo pants, she’s going to wonder why you never buy her anything pink.

3. Mismatched clothes are amazing! But only if she’s the one who mismatches them. If you can’t find two matching socks, it’s a disaster, but she’ll happily walk out the front door wearing a Christmas sweater, tutu, fairy wings, and galoshes.

4. Stock up on toilet paper. Not only do girls have more places to wipe, they also do NOT want to get stuff on their hands. So buy stock in Charmin now. Also, keep a plunger on hand. And probably the number to a good plumber.

5. Barbie decapitation is inevitable. And she’s always naked. No, your daughter isn’t a baby Dexter in the making…all little girls go through this. And Barbie’s gonna see some things, too. Her life is not going to be pretty after a while…it’s okay, though. This too shall pass.

Barbie never stood a chance

6. Girls stink, too. Like, a lot. But it’s okay because they’re also super into body sprays and lotions and things like that. So at least this is a stink that can be masked.

7. Get ready for hair everywhere. And hair ties, clips, scrunchies, rollers, and brushes, and a daily fight over trying to brush out the knots that crop up the second you blink.

8. Invest in laundry supplies. Little girls LOVE to change their clothes. And each outfit ends up in the pile of dirty clothes at the end of the week. Basically, get ready to wash every piece of your daughter’s expansive wardrobe every single week.

9. Girls are sneaky. Not only is silence terrifying, girls are much better liars than boys. And they stick to their stories! “Really, Barbie told me to paint her nails…”

bedtime cuddles are the best

10. Bedtime cuddles are the BEST. Despite everything crazy that comes with girls, there is nothing better than a sleepy daughter who wants to lay her head on the crook of your arm and cuddle at bedtime. Those butterfly kisses and sleepy “I love you’s” make every single moment of having a daughter worth it.

ten truths moms of boys know all too well

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