Klondike Released New Donut Ice Cream Bars And I Call Dibs On The Boston Cream

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Klondike has come out with an ice cream donut. No, really!

Klondike/Via Tamisclock on Instagram

Donuts are my downfall. Boston Cream donuts are my downfall of choice. That decadent filling is something I could just scoop out and eat by the gallon.

Now, I can enjoy that donut flavor in ice cream form. Klondike has brought us THREE flavors of these Donut Ice Cream Bars: Boston Cream, Triple Chocolate, and Frosted Strawberry — and they all sound DELICIOUS!

Via Tamisclock on Instagram

These Klondike Donuts are like the traditional Klondike Ice Cream Bars, but they have a hole in the middle — like a donut — and have those similar delicious donut flavors.


They come six “donuts” to a box, and are less than four bucks! I’d drop four bucks on THESE Klondike Donuts.


Frozen Boston Cream Dairy Dessert Bar, with a Boston Cream swirl, with milk chocolate coating and a white confectionary drizzle

The Box Description of the Klondike Boston Cream Donut Bar
Via Tamisclock on Instagram

Frozen Chocolate Dairy Dessert Bar, with dark chocolatey coating, dark crunch pieces, and a milk chocolatey drizzle.

The Box Description of the Klondike Tripe Chocolate Donut Bar
Via Tami Dunn on YouTube

These Klondike Donut Bars will be available nationwide in March, but they are already rolling out to stores now. Be on the lookout!

Via Tami Dunn on YouTube

See Tami Dunn’s review of these Klondike Donuts below.

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