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5 Things You’ll Hear If You’ve Got 5 Kids!

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This is always a funny topic to me to hop on. It always seems to shock people when I tell them that I am a mom of 5 and only 36 and my oldest is 17. I am told quite often that I don’t look old enough to have that many kids… or that they think I’m some sort of super woman, having everything organized and put together … UMMMM… Nope, not close. I tell them theres a lot of “winging it” and “going with the flow’, also make up is an amazing thing! FOR REAL!!!! lol So here are 5 things I wish people would stop saying when they find out I have 5 kids.

Five things I wish people would stop saying when they find out i have five kids

5 Things I Wish People Would Stop Saying When They Find Out I Have Five Kids

1.”You ever figure out what causes that?” Seriously people!! Uh.. yeah, and we pretty much became pros at it. Then I smile real big…

2. “Are they all yours… and why is there a blonde one?” Um, genetics? Also, they all look like siblings! Neither me or their father could deny they belong to us, even if we wanted to. Also, his dad had blonde hair. GEEZ

3.  “You don’t look old enough to have 5, you must have gotten started early.” Well, yeah kinda. Met hubby at 17, married at 19, first baby at 20, and all delivered by the time I was 26. We had a plan and a goal, big family and no more after 25! We are a little more specific when throwing things like that out there in the universe to God to direct.

4. “You should get a tv to put in your room!” UMMM… why?  A tv, really, does that even work for some people…? You’re not paying for them, why does it matter if there are five? Plus, a tv wouldn’t make a difference anyways ’cause, remember? We perfected the art of making them. *wiggles eyebrows up and down suggestively*

5. “Do you believe in birth control?” Wait what?!?!?!  There is such a thing?!?!?!  UGH! Yes I do, and we knew when we were done. Since you’re not involved in any of this matter, what doesn’t it matter to you?

When I tell people I have five kids, I almost always here one of these five things

Look, I get that a lot of people today see the typical family as something straight out of the Simpsons – 2.5 kids, and a dog – but we knew what we wanted early and we made it happen. Our kids are happy, healthy, and love having so many siblings to tussle around with. So feel free to put a television in your room and pop birth control like Skittles, ’cause we good, boo!


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  1. I’m 25 with a 6 year old daughter, 4 year old son, 2 year old daughter an I’m pregnant with twins. My whole family is always saying horrible things about how many kids I have. Saying I cant handle it. Or we will have 5 kids to financially support. I’m tired of all the negativity stressing out my pregnancy.

  2. I’m a 24 year old mom with a 4 year old, 3 year old, 1 year old, 7 month old and one on the way and I could definitely relate to this blog being that people stay in my business as if they have to deal with any of my children. I believe all children are blessings from the most high and God gives his hardest battles to his tough soldiers, children are a handful and only certain ones can handle children that’s why all of us were blessed with more than just 2-3

    1. Hello my name is Breanna I’m 24 I have a 5 year old , 3 year old , 2 year old , 1 year old & 8 month old … I get talked about and looked at but idc because they are blessings ❤️

  3. Oh boy these comments are so on track. I also have five kids, two biologically ours, three ours as a sibling adoption. One other question we get is, “are there any twins/triplets?”

  4. Yup! As a mother of 5 girls I’ve heard all of these, except #4 which I agree doesn’t even make sense! (But then again, we’ve never had a TV in our bedroom so could they be on to something?) I also happen to be a Catholic living in the Baptist South so people often bring religion into their assumptions. But the truth is, I am 1 of 5 kids, my husband one of 3. I wanted 3 kids, he wanted 5. You can see who was more persuasive. It helps that he’s incredibly hot and a fabulous Dad. I’m so happy to see (1) that there are other larger families out there, (2) that I’m not the only one who can’t believe some of the comments people make, and (3) that us crazy, moms of 5 can still manage to find a way to nurture our own creative aspirations while raising some pretty amazing kiddos. Kudos to you Leslie.

  5. Hi Leslie,
    I can identify…I have 3 children and 13 grandchildren {I’m 56!} My 2 daughters have 5 & 6 each, and my son has 2 {Yes 2, and no more..he’s the big brother ~ Ha!}. Questions like these are sort of a family favorite ~ they just keep on coming, pretty outrageous. We find humor in just about everything
    {a gift & a curse lol} so we kind of enjoy them. Hey, I think your hilarious ~ so funny & witty. Have fun with it and make up a few of your own to throw back at them ~ should shut them up & make them think a bit + you can walk away with a healthy ‘smirk’. Enjoy the weekend! ~ Janelle/Snow

    1. Hey Janelle! I hope you are enjoying your day so far! Truly all you can do is laugh and have fun with it, ya only get one go ’round with them. At first some of the comments, would bother me, but now I find it funny, and play along . You have quite the clan you have there yourself!!! I bet it’s fun, always sort of shenanigans going on!! I know at my house it is; so, continue to enjoy those grand babies and laugh at those comments!!