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Well, first and foremost I am a perfectly imperfect mom to 5 amazing, crazy, creative, lovable kiddos.. They are my everything!! I've been blessed to be a stay home mom since 99.
I've always loved writing, but as a mom sometimes your interests and hobbies get put on the shelf. Over the years I'd write some, but this is my first go as a blogger..

I never realized how surreal it would feel to watch my daughter grow up. One day she’s a tiny little infant, dancing around the house in cute little tutu’s, with bows as big as her head holding back her hair and before I know it, she’ll be asking for the keys to drive to the movies with her friends.

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I have always been curvy and well endowed gal: a habitual “yo-yo dieter”/fad dieter. I always felt bigger than I was when I was younger. Never a size 6, always around 10…and in school that was huge in my mind. I realize that I was usually the only one that it bothered. If I’d known …

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Fourth of July is coming up and you know there are those out there (okay, let’s face it…there are men out there) who have all these “great” ideas about what to do with fireworks. I’m guessing there’s alcohol involved. I’m HOPING there’s alcohol involved. And let’s face it, probably no supervision. Here are 10 of …

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Look, if you’re female and have a uterus that still does it’s monthly molting, you’ve been here. There’s just nothing worse than being a tough-ass woman 90% of the time, and then having those one or two days a month where you’re tearful for no flecking reason and then “IT” starts. Yeah. We’ve ALL been …

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How do you let go? How do you know when you’re kids are ready for more responsibility and how do you become ok with it? Who really knew the ache and pride felt as your children grow. There is a part of me that feels so me embarrassment in admitting that I’ve been a helicopter …

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