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You Can Get A ‘Friday The 13th’ Camp Crystal Lake Tumbler Just In Time For Halloween

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It is almost here! In just a few short weeks, everyone will start their annual tradition of binge-watching all those great classic slasher flicks.

I actually watched my first scary movie of the year last night; the OG Friday the 13th was the perfect movie to watch on a Friday night, by myself, in a dark house. *Wide Eye Emoji*

This tumbler would have been the PERFECT accessory to go along with my popcorn and scary movie.


You can get a Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake cold drink tumbler to really get into the festive Halloween season.

It is made from a classic Starbucks reusable cold tumbler, and is designed with permanent vinyl.

I just love the detail of the blood spatter all over the cup. Does that make me a psychopath? Ha!


This Etsy shop can make these scary tumblers super quickly, and they will be available to ship within 2 days of purchase.

You get the Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake, and of course, the traditional green Starbucks straw to go with it.


Wouldn’t this tumbler be the perfect thing to carry your (maybe adult?) beverage along while the kiddos go trick-or-treating?

Looks amazing!! Definitely going to get more cups!!

Etsy Reviews

The shop that makes these tumblers has had over 800 sales, and they get a 5 star rating. You know that means they are good quality, and the customer service is amazing!

At just $15, these tumblers are the perfect way to treat yourself to a fun fright this Halloween season.

You can pick up your own Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Tumbler from the ShopStellarDesigns shop on Etsy.


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