Here’s How You Can Donate Your Solar Eclipse Glasses to Latin American Kids to Use Later This Year

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Now that the 2024 solar eclipse has passed, what should you do with your leftover eclipse glasses?

Of course you can always keep the glasses, but the next great solar eclipse won’t be for more than 20 years from now, and who knows where your eclipse glasses will end up, and what shape they’ll be in by then.

So lets put those solar eclipse glasses to good use rather than letting them collect dust in a box somewhere in the basement.

Donating your glasses are a great alternative to simply throwing them in the garbage, and there are a few organizations that are currently accepting donations!

Astronomers Without Borders collects eclipse glasses to get them to other parts of the world like Africa and Asia, so individuals around the globe can enjoy eclipses safely.

For more information on how to donate your eclipse glasses to the Astronomers Without Borders organization, you can reach out via phone at 262-444-6217.

Eclipse Glasses USA is another company that accepts donations for eclipse glasses.

However their mission, is slightly different.

Eclipse Glasses USA is looking to collect as many solar eclipse glasses as possible by this August 1.

The goal, is to send the donations they receive to Latin America so school-aged children can view the October eclipse safely and with their eyes protected!

If you’re interested on donating, you can send your glasses to this address:

  • Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC
  • P.O. Box 50571
  • Provo, UT 84605

If you have any other questions or need more information about donating, you can get in touch with the organization through their form here or by e-mail at

There’s also the option of recycling your eclipse glasses as well.

According to The University of Rochester, you can recycle your glasses and reduce waste by removing the lenses and tossing the arms of your glasses, (the part that sits on your ears) in the recycling bin!

So whether you prefer to donate, recycle or keep your eclipse glasses as a memento, don’t just toss your glasses in the trash when there are better ways to discard them if you wish to do so!

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