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If You Text This Number, Vault-Tec From Fallout Will Text You Back

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If you haven’t watched Amazon’s newest doomsday series, Fallout, you are missing out! First, go do that right now!

Amazon MGM Studios

Secondly, did you know that you can actually call and even text with the number featured in the show? It’s true!

During Episode 6 of Season 1, Cooper is filming a TV advertisement for Vault-Tec so people can call in and purchase one of the vault spots.

Prime Video

During this scene, there is a number that flashes on screen and in case you didn’t know, it’s an actual working number!

Now when you call it, it’s pretty weird…all you hear is screaming and crying.

BUT when you text the number, Vault-Tec will actually text you back!

Simply text “Vault” to 213-258-2858 and you’ll get a response back.

Here is what my message said:

and I am curious if yours is any different.

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