The Cheesecake Factory Is Giving Out FREE Slices of Cheesecake for Halloween

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This is not a drill!

The Cheesecake Factory Is Giving Out FREE Slices of Cheesecake for Halloween and it is spooky good!

Cheesecake CR: Cheesecake Factory

Here is how to get your free slice:

From October 28 – October 31st, you can get a free slice of Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake or Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Cheesecake when you order through DoorDash for pick up or delivery and spend $30.

Cheesecake CR: Cheesecake Factory

You need to use the promo code TREATORTREAT at checkout for the deal.

You could plan a dine-in date night at home and get a free dessert – I am all about free dessert.

By the way, that Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake looks AH-MAZING.

This is the same promotion they ran last year so if you missed out then, be sure to take advantage of it this year before it’s gone![0]=68.ARCHZkJ7WiKC6-K0Hr5YUVK-yR0sRbJRlUHyhcM8aFt7B8nmPcoE99exW-UlzuYiiTLb0mTzayDZIY3Y5wbGe7HItR6Q3PmM7K0RBFLYJPtpuvhOIHPOFxxQFHcxtal5-mOZtnV01dEzRudzfl9QwWnVUTCBcrRi1dnMxKRxQtYq2Pdi7aTONbaKi3XcmcChhfu2XmuG8BimSqIDYhIXIx7EdXwx1FI6Pbhl-zjHYUZ7WsJZjO4PwlxgT1-yq5DXZFy2vGyijiiFQusUzxat3oC-NyVLmvejHDDePimz7C15spVdtDW7GXNBr-LRYVSeeon585vGdTr6IjY0JtCxRC1LHWmH2Mow&__xts__[1]=68.ARA7XINxedDTDvRivximQPEALG7S6hZ5W6-Y8jRR_5WD1NLBGqSMOEz5yaMtxMNf9-r1h3oRxjpOt1CIVTfONHoaoAj38r9OXvaZriGZn5hcjKa8hTBltlVK3QWAzPskzi1ZG5M5EWBLA9TpSARevE7bu6fn2YNfwt48M4XBIJPf6R5roSzDELrw4YYk3uu4W-3Z0YXlQJ37vhSEbDzsBAlYgdhBd9u5-SvDDSXpcXcyb2uXha4B_e3VkETGHAZzgO1TyO8eTu9OKOEM2MSH-gLSREP5ksUxTQwfkNRxNs1GQn4g4TYL9tto6jTWcx8HTPYGZOCtAlc5vHbxbdx_DLQo3-1dJKy0&__tn__=-R

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