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My kid is not a huge fan of the dark, but she also won’t sleep with a big lamp on, and a normal night-light just isn’t enough.

So, we started looking at LED lights, they’re low energy, and don’t put off a whole lot of heat. Since I am the most over protective parent on the planet, this was a huge plus for me.

Enter the awesomeness that is this Etsy Store, LED Lighting and Art.

I had to own one of these vases for the daughter’s room.

Yeah, they’re that awesome. So, the shop sent us one! We have our very own adorably awesome light up vase! Plus, if you go to their facebook page and give them an idea, they’ll TOTALLY do it!

I know! It’s perfect! Is it wrong that I am super jealous of her room and totally wish it was mine?

Lucky Kid. 🙂

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  1. Those lights are a great idea and her room is totally adorable!

    It’s definitely not wrong to be jealous. I don’t know a girl of any age who wouldn’t love a room like that.

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