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Pop-Tarts Has Three New Summertime Flavors And I Need Them Now

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Y’all… these sound so good! I am not a Pop-Tarts for breakfast type person, but I am a Pop-Tarts for snacks type person, they are one of the easiest things to grab on the go!


The new summertime flavors sound absolutely amazing and I can not wait to try them all! Peach Cobbler, Lemon Crème Pie, and Tropical Mango – drool-worthy flavors!

junkfoodinthetrunk3 – Instagram

3 brand new flavors that will be a nice treat on a hot summer day! I think the kids will like them too, if not… well, that just means more for me!

The Lemon Crème Pie is the one I am most interested in! I love sweet lemon desserts! The Lemon Crème Pie has a yellow filling and yellow frosting.


The Peach Cobbler also sounds delish! It has an orange filling with orange frosting.

The Tropical Mango I think will be the one that the girls like the best. It has a yellow filling and orange specks with a light yellow frosting drizzle.

poptartsus – instagram

Each box comes with 8 pastries packaged 2 to a pack just like the Pop-Tarts we normally buy. At this time, I am going to assume that these are just planned to be seasonal or limited-edition.

Kellogg’s hasn’t announced the new flavors yet, but they were spotted on the Meijer website and are available for $2.19 a box. We don’t have Meijer down here, so I will keep checking my local stores.


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