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Barilla Pasta Has A Playlist With Songs That Last As Long As It Takes To Cook Pasta

I try to learn something new every single day, and today it has to do with cooking pasta! Pasta has to be cooked perfectly, overcook it and it’s trash.

A historical fact that I didn’t know was that way back in the day, people used to sing specific songs to time their cooking by. It’s pretty brilliant!

Back in the day, they didn’t have timers that you could just push a few buttons and wait for the beep. Nope, they sang!


Now that we have all of this technology, we all pretty much set a timer so we know when to check it. But, Barilla has something set up on Spotify that is pretty awesome.


Barilla, you know… the pasta company, set up a Spotify playlist for cooking your pasta by!


You simply find the song playlist that is for the specific pasta you are cooking and set it to play. Then just enjoy the music while your pasta cooks to perfection.

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You can see that the practice of singing while cooking is still used today by some old-school chefs! I found a video on YouTube of a singing chef!

How cool is that? I love listening to music while I cook or clean up. Now I can listen to the song instead of the timer!

Go check out the Barilla Spotify and give it a try!