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You Can Get Peeps Marshmallow-Inspired Makeup Just In Time For Easter

This Easter you can include more than candy Peeps! Peeps and HipDots collaborated to bring us the ultimate marshmallow-inspired makeup!

Courtesy of HipDot

The new makeup line was released earlier this week and the colors are perfect for spring!

This is a limited-edition release called the HipDot Peeps collection. The collection includes an eyeshadow palette with a set of sponges that are shaped to look like Peeps!

Courtesy of HipDot

The super colorful sponges are made with latex-free foam! That may not be important to everyone, but for someone like me that has a latex allergy… it’s great news!

HipDot – Twitter

According to Fox News, there will also be some more “surprise limited-edition products” that will be released throughout March. 

HipDot – Twitter

The eyeshadow palette includes amazing shades that are super bright and pretty. They have fun names too!

  • Bunny – pastel poppy blue. Inspired by the PEEPS Blue Bunny.
  • Cute – Medium nutty brown.
  • Marshmallow – Deep matte magenta
  • Sugar-coated – Matte beige
  • Chick – Shimmery PEEPS Chick pink

The eyeshadows come in matte, glitter, and shimmer finishes.

HipDot – Twitter

The HipDot Peeps collection is only available for purchase online. They’re selling fast, so if you want to snag one you better do it now! So adorable!