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Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Donated 25 Tiny Homes To Homeless California Veterans

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If you’ve been to Los Angeles, you know the homeless population is real.

Many of these homeless people are not without a place to call home by choice — I mean, is it ever really by choice?

And, a growing number of the homeless populations are American veterans who have served us in a big way.

This week, Arnold Schwarzenegger took it upon himself to do something about all the homeless vets, and give them one of the best Christmas gifts they could receive.

Today, I celebrated Christmas early. The 25 homes I donated for homeless veterans were installed here in LA. It was fantastic to spend some time with our heroes and welcome them into their new homes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

He donated $250,000 to Village for Vets, which helped build 25 tiny homes so these homeless vets have a place to call their own.

I’ve made and have this great success because of America — The issue is — If it isn’t bodybuilding, if it isn’t business, if it isn’t show business, movies and politics — whatever I tackled I achieved because of America, so to me, it’s always great to give something back.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Village for Vets is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing food and shelter to homeless and at-risk veterans in the greater Los Angeles area.

These tiny homes were the last 25 homes needed at the Los Angeles VA’s Care Treatment Rehabilitative Services (CTRS) site.

Care Treatment Rehabilitative Service started in a parking lot at the VA West LA Medical Center campus, and it has been able to grow and move to its own location — out of the parking lot.

CTRS is a low-barrier entry initiative designed to provide homeless Veterans a safe and stable place to reside throughout the process of placing them into transitional or permanent housing. 

VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

These tiny homes are a blessing and a great upgrade from tent living, which is the situation that so many of these veterans find themselves.

They have electricity, they have heating and air conditioning, helps bring a little bit of pride back.

Rob Reynolds of AMVets

The tiny homes are not meant to be a permanent fix to the problem. They are a sort of in between answer for the vets obtaining a more permanent and safe place to call their own.

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