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I Am Giving You Permission To Not Make New Year’s Resolutions

This new year you don’t have to make a New Year’s Resolution. You don’t have to make these goals and feel pressured to actually make them happen.

Truthfully, I don’t know who needs to hear this. I do know that someone is struggling with the idea that it is a new year and they better hurry and get those resolutions made.

I know because I’ve been struggling with that myself all day.

Maybe you’re like me struggling with the thought that another year might pass by without any progress or those resoultions being finished.

Sorry, but that that is complete crap.

I don’t know about you but I am TIRED of making these resolution’s in hopes I will actually do them.

I just want to worry about ringing in the New Year with my kids and looking forward to all of the new memories made and my kids getting that much older by the day.

Sure, I have goals. Plans. Things I want to do in my future.

But none of that changes for one day that suddenly marks a new year.

Somewhere along the way we lost that sense of excitement and joy that comes with a new year.

We focus so much on the pressure and idea that we need to change and make “the year count”.

And where did this pressure to change who we are and what we do year after year, come from anyways?

If you ask me, I think it’s just one big marketing tactic to get us to spend more money on services and things that we *think* will make us happier and feel like our life is more fulfilled.

The bottom line is, just forget about all that crap and worry.

Today may mark the last day of 2019 but you have my permission to stay home, enjoy the evening with friends and family and not care.

Just be you. Do you and happiness will follow.

And if you want to make new year’s resolutions, that’s okay too but don’t do it because it seems like the “norm”.

You have my permission to skip on the resolutions entirely and go into the new year being happy and stress free!