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You Can Get Dill Pickle Flavored Hard Seltzer And I Have To Try It

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I pretty much love all things that are dill pickle flavor!

April Fool’s Day of 2020, there was a joke that BrüMate made on Instagram showing a pickle hard seltzer.

bru.mate – Instagram

Well, that joke is now becoming reality and I can not wait to try the Dillight Hard Pickle Seltzer!

a one-of-a-bring pickiliscious experience.


If you love your boozy drinks and you also love pickles, this may just be the summertime refreshing drink for you!

The new dill pickle hard seltzer has a 5%R ABV, zero sugar, and only 100 calories!

With each zip you’ll get the pickle flavor that you love while getting a bit tipsy in the process!

I have Pickle Beer in my refrigerator right now, I take this stuff seriously!

So when BrüMate and Crook & Marker made the joke, people were intrigued and wanted it in real life.

bru.mate – Instagram

They even had over 10,000 people sign up for updates on the Afternoon Dillight Hard Pickle Selzter’s release not realizing it was a joke.

crookdbru – Instagram

As of this writing, they have not released a date that the new pickle seltzer will be available, but it will be this summer.

crookdbru – Instagram

So now it’s going to be a real thing and you can sign up for the chance to some by signing up on crookdBru.com.

No joke this time! Will you try it?

bru.mate – Instagram

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