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Watch Michael B. Jordan As A Super-Hot ‘Alexa’ In This Thirsty Super Bowl Ad

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I need a refund on my Alexa immediately. It isn’t NEARLY as amazing, and downright sexy, as THIS Alexa!

Michael B. Jordan is starring in a Super Bowl ad, and you are going to want to stop whatever you are doing, and pay attention.


This commercial features Michael as a sultry human version of the voice-activated, Alexa, and I literally cannot stop watching. Ha!


It might just be my FAVORITE ad of this Super Bowl season!

The Michael B. Jordan ad will appear in the fourth quarter of the game, and it will be a full 60-seconds of major thirst.

Courtesy of Amazon on YouTube

BUT, you don’t have to wait for the big game to see the commercial! You can check it out, as we do, NOW on the internet.

Courtesy of Amazon on YouTube

The online version is a full 90 seconds, which means you get an extra 30 seconds of Michael B. Jordan stripping down and looking all hot for the camera.

YES, please!!

Courtesy of Amazon on YouTube

I promise you, it’s worth 90-seconds of your time. Shoot — it’s worth an HOUR of your time!

Michael was voted 2020’s Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine, and I’ve never agreed with a winner in this category more!!


So, this commercial starts out in an office, with executives admiring the new spherical design of Alexa.

“It’s just — flawless,” one lady says, while admiring the new Alexa design.

Courtesy of Amazon on YouTube

Then we cut to this lady at home, asking her Alexa questions, but she is day dreaming that HER Alexa is Michael B. Jordan.

Courtesy of Amazon on YouTube

In this steamy daydream, we see the woman converting cooking measurements, turning on the sprinklers, and adding things to her shopping list — but all with the help of Jordan — er, Alexa.

Courtesy of Amazon on YouTube

He even joins her for a candlelit bubble bath, where she gets him to read a super sexy audio book, whilst they soak in the bubbles.

Throughout the daydream, the poor lady’s husband is trying to stop her from fantasizing about Jordan, but to no avail.

Courtesy of Amazon on YouTube

You can check out the hilarious, super-hot Michael B. Jordan 90-second Super Bowl ad below.


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