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This Guy Wrote A Song To Explain What Happened With Jason Collier and It Is Pure Gold

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Ok, so by now you have ALL heard about Jason Collier right? If not we can catch you up.

Stinnett Police Department

Jason Collier is a Texas Police Chief, who as of right now is on administrative leave because of this drama.


Jason’s been a very very bad boy.

He has been the source of some amazing memes today if you are needing some entertainment. There is a lot to this story.

If you want to know about his current wife, her name is Opal and we’ve got her covered as well.


Well, now Jason Collier is the inspiration behind a song. I’m sure this is going to go viral today.

Rob Disner – YouTube

It’s called ‘The Ballad Of Jason Collier’ and it’s the best! Rob Disner is the creator of the original song that was published yesterday.

I’m glad you’re capitalizing on this. Smart man. This is the theme song to the soon to be documentary about this shit show.

Dana Lessard – YouTube comment
Rob Disner – YouTube

The comments so far on the video that is posted on YouTube are pretty entertaining on their own merit.

Ok, hear me out here. We could speed this song up to a rock beat, and have Matt Damon do a cover like a reverse Scotty doesn’t know

jdmacek12 – YouTube comment
Rob Disner – YouTube

Not nearly enough people have seen it yet, so we figured we would help him out by getting it in front of our audience today!

Check it out below!

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