Meet Jason Collier, The Man That Has 2 Wives, 3 Fiances and 15 Girlfriends That Knew Nothing About Each Other

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Meet Jason Collier – the man that is being talked about everywhere right now.

Stinnett Police Department

Sit down and buckle up my friends because this is about to be a wild ride!!

Seriously, my entire Facebook feed is filled with this dude’s pictures and memes so I just had to figure out who the heck he is and why everyone is talking about him.

Well, turns out, the reason people are talking is not a good one…

Apparently, Jason Collier is a Married Texas Police Chief & Minister Who Was Busted By His Two Girlfriends On Facebook After They Figure Out They’re Dating Same Man!

What the actual f—?

This is so dramatic and sleazy, you’d think it was in an episode in some reality television series.

Cecily Steinmetz

Okay, so let me see if I can somewhat get this story straight to you but buckle your seatbelts because this a wild ride…

Okay, so this dude’s name is Jason Collier and he is (or was because he’s on leave right now) the police chief of the Stinnett, Texas Police Department.

Okay so far not too crazy…

But then a local Texas woman, who believed she was the only woman dating him, was in shock after she discovered on Facebook that he had been seeing another woman at the same time!

Cecily Steinmetz

Meaning he has TWO girlfriends who recently just found out about each other.

Okay – so again not too crazy because crap like this happens, right?

Well, apparently he is also married – with CHILDREN!

So, that is 4 women that have come forward with saying they thought they were the only ones dating him.



But then it gets even crazier – women are coming forward with stories that they’ve dated him at some capacity and are exchanging stories.

So, at this point it’s up to something like 15 women and counting. OMG!

Like if he was with one girl one weekend, he had a story for another girl as to where he was all weekend.

This is just insane. Like who has the time for this? Those poor women!


This is a bit of the breakdown so far:

I am sure more will come out in the coming days so brace yourself!

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  1. I’d like to know how these women planned and exposed him. I could use a few tips on exposing my kids father.

  2. Wasn’t he a “Borger Poice Officer” at one time? He looks real familiar.

  3. Gotta hand it to the guy, keeping that many women happy takes some special skills. All the girls i’ve seen have big smiles on. He had to be doing something right! Unfortunately kids were involved, not sure how a guy can look st his kids and then go build a separate life. Kids deserve your full attention

    1. youre happy until you realize that youre not because the truth comes out

    2. @Helene Lygren, Still happy at the time…. all that matters… Doing something right

    3. @Joe, apparently, he wasn’t keeping them happy, they busted him

  4. I am totally confused. This guy is not exactly a Ryan Paevey, or a Tyler Hynes, so he MUST have some hidden charm.
    Just saying.

  5. Sounds like my ex-husband, Gary Nation ??‍♀️ Only all his women and wives have now formed a group against him

  6. How did he do Christmas and holidays?
    Without a scratch
    Something is missing here

  7. Don’t forget about the one he dated that disappeared two years ago!

    1. @Austin Rushton,
      That woman’s family has said she didn’t know him and it’s a different officer involved.

  8. And they haven’t even got into the number of Facebook and other social media profiles. My x had at least 8 fake names and behind the scenes was direct messaging women on all of them until he got caught and now he plays the victim.

    1. @Kristina,
      Same thing happened to me . He had 5 different Facebook pages .
      He targeted women with children just so he could live with them .
      Then he got confronted by three of us and played the victim as well and said we all cheated on him ! Lmao

    2. @ShaAng, was his name Allen Adams? Because this guy does the same if it’s not!

  9. I was married to one (cop) that LET his fiancé call his Dr’s office to give them all her info..so they could contact HER with any issues. They needed his permission to release future info to HER and he called and gave them the OK.. my sister had worked there for years and our cousin was working when all of this took place.
    Of course I was notified of this…which he denied on a stack of bibles…I tracked the girl down to her grandparents house…she was just about 7 years older than our daughter. 90% are liars & cheaters…DO NOT MARRY A COP! We’d been married 26 yrs then…I helped him get through the police academy….smh
    Also found many more gf(s) after that…

    1. @Lisa, making a general statement not to marry a cop is not cool. My husband and I are at 19 years married and 21years total.

    2. @Liv, you could also be very naive. You’d be surprised!!

  10. Still a better love story than Twilight.

    1. And the best comment, like EVER goes to….. @Virginia Maher 😀 😀 😀

  11. I smell a lifetime movie in the works at least im hoping there is one sorry for the women who had to find out the way they did especially the ones who had kids with him

  12. I can barely plan a dinner , can we really be mad at this guy? Like he’d have to plan radius’s to ensure he’s not caught with the other chick, how do you tell your wife you can’t make it home? Netflix here we come!

    1. @Jay, unfortunately The Job can give many the opportunity needed…

    2. @Jay, yes we can be mad. Ofcourse this idiot comment came from a guy. Guess you would do the same

  13. Unbelievable! He been riding my pony all summer too y’all!

  14. Y’all… How did he even have the energy to keep up with all that? I can’t even keep up with the one spouse I have

  15. I found the family of my biological grandfather who left my grandmother when she was pregnant with my dad, and already had my uncle. He almost married another woman, but she found out after she was pregnant that he was still married to my grandmother. Then he moved farther south to NC and married another woman. The 1st woman notified my grandmother, who then divorced him. He had another family in SC, 4 boys and a girl. The daughter of the first woman tracked down the families and kept in touch. My dad refused to have anything to do with any of them. I found all this out decades later and found him on Rootsweb.com . I found my ‘new’ aunt and uncles when I wrote to the Chamber of Commerce of the town listed as my grandfather’s last place of residence. One day, I got a call from a soft southern voice, “Is this Liane? I think I’m your aunt.” She said someone from the C of C handed her my letter in church.

    1. @Liane, sounds like my grandfather Richard. My grandmother found out he had a ist wife after following him

    2. @Liane, Do you possibly have a flow chart so I don’t get lost? ??

    3. @Liane, I was lost at the first run on sentence…

  16. Unfortunately, this all sounds too familiar… My ex married in 2002, said he was divorced, we married in 2009, and he is now married again as of February of last year. HE HAS NOT DIVORCED THE FIRST WIFE NOR ME!!
    So, are we looking at the new norm now???

    1. @Kristi Weaver, whaaaat? How is that legal? Are you in the US? I know here you have to show any divorce decrees to the clerk before you can even obtain a marriage license- to make SURE no one is married! Maybe they just wear rings and say they are?

    2. @Holly, My husband didn’t have to show a divorce decree when we were married.

  17. How was he sustaining all of them financially, time wise and presence wise…I am curious now…

  18. This is the problem when there is not enough man out there. The sharing culture of 2000s. ” You will own nothing and be happy”… sad

    1. @Sue, …..is that what it takes ???? You have to have a big one ??? What if your stage name is COLONEL ANGUS !!!! LOLOLOLO!!!!

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