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People Are Using Face Sculptures As Planters And I Can’t Decide If It’s Amazing Or Creepy

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As an avid plant lover, I am constantly trying to find new, unique ways to pot my plants. Especially since I have about a thousand plants at this point! (Sorry, not sorry!)

This new plant potting trend is definitely…unique! I saw this trend on Facebook of different people using head sculptures as a new way to pot plants!

Now, some of them are amazing and look like wonderous works of art. But others…they’re a bit more kooky.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this trend, but I will say it’s a very unique and cool idea! I’m definitely more of a fan of the artistic looking sculptures.

But these can get as silly as possible if you’re looking for more of a head turning garden!

What are your thoughts on these unique plant potters? Would you get one of these for your house or yard? And if so, would you go for the artistic or kooky route?

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