Coca-Cola Releases a New Gaming-Inspired Soda That Supposedly Tastes Like Pixels

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Coca-Cola is parting ways from their iconic colored red tin can and instead, have been inspired by the spring season with their latest soda flavor.

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Dubbed Coca-Cola Byte, this new carbonated beverage is exactly how it sounds, introducing the new gaming-inspired soda that made its first debut via Fortnite.

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Unlike the rest of its competition including familiar everyday flavors such as Coke Cherry, Vanilla and even Orange, this new soda flavor supposedly tastes like pixels?

And yes you read right, just like near the bottom of the can.

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According to the Coke, the drink’s flavor should remind you of the excitement of powering up a game on a video game console as soon as it hits your tastebuds, including a refreshing finish and zero sugar.

“The drink’s bright, upfront taste is reminiscent of powering up a game, and its refreshing finish makes for a perfect gaming companion.”

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Colored in lilac, the classic Coke logo is pixelated like an uploading game in the middle of downloading.

The perfect soda to sip while gaming with friends in competition, just make sure to not have this slender can too close to the gaming console.

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However, if you’re planning on looking for this pixelated tin stocked on store shelves, you won’t have any luck considering this new flavor is sold only online, fewer than 25,000 tin cans to be exact.

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You can visit Coca-Cola’s website here, to check in on the limited-edition, zero sugar, pixel-tasting soda’s drop date.

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Oh, and here’s a hint, the new Coke soda drops in the beginning of May, specifically May 2, you’re welcome!

Courtesy of @loucopublicitario

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