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This Hanging Faceless Ghost Is Sure To Spook Your Neighbors This Halloween

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Halloween just isn’t complete without some spooky ghosts!

Some ghosts are cute and other ghosts are scary…

his Hanging Faceless Ghost is the perfect touch of spookiness to add to your home this Halloween

He’s constructed with a wire frame structure and then covered in layers of off-white mesh fabric which gives him a haunting look that will step up your Halloween decor this year.


I think the fact that the space where a face should be is completely black and vacant makes him even scarier!


He has skeletal hands that hold chains and a lantern that lights up with just the right amount of dim lighting. 


This isn’t a small ghost either, he is about 5 feet in length and totally animated!

Not only does the lantern light up, but he also makes spooky noises, and his eyes light up within the black abyss where his face should be.


This animated hanging faceless ghost with a light up lantern and tattered clothing has an on/off switch, and a pull tab to activate, and the batteries are included with your purchase.

The Hanging Faceless Ghost is available exclusively from HalloweenCostumes.Com, and I just have to add him to my collection this year!


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