People Are Microwaving Library Books To Get Rid Of The Coronavirus and I Am Begging You Not To

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Um. I can’t believe I’m having to say this, but DON’T MICROWAVE YOUR LIBRARY BOOKS. Or, any books for that matter. Please, I am begging you!

That is NOT how you get rid of the coronavirus on books. I don’t know whether to shake my head, or laugh out loud!

According to a Facebook post, the Kent District Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan, received a book back from loan, that was burned in a few places.

Upon further inspection, the librarians realized the person had tried to microwave the book. The thinking is that the individual that borrowed the book was trying to sanitize it against the coronavirus.

Reminder that KDL will quarantine returned materials for 72 hours. The pictures below show what will happen, when you try microwaving a book. The radio frequency tags in all KDL materials have metal in them. They will catch on fire in the microwave.

Kent District Library on Facebook

Turns out that all library books, not just at Kent District Library, have a radio frequency tag in them. This tag is made of metal. Metal catches on fire in the microwave — Do you get where I’m going with this?

I’m just going to put a PSA out there. Don’t microwave anything except what’s SUPPOSED to go in a microwave. That’s a good rule of thumb.

I mean, you wouldn’t microwave a pair of shoes. At least, I HOPE you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t microwave a hat. You wouldn’t microwave your wallet. Don’t stick books in there, either.

Many libraries are enacting a 72 hour hold on all returned books. Why is this?

According to preliminary research, the virus remained detectable “up to 24 hours on cardboard, and up to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel.” If libraries have space available, it is suggested to leave returned materials in quarantine for at least three days —

FAQ About Illinois Library

Research has also shown that there is no viable virus present on library materials after 3 days.

While we can never GUARANTEE you aren’t going to get the virus, the odds are pretty small. Use common sense. Wash your hand after touching books. Don’t touch your face. You know, all the things you are supposed to be doing anyway.

Bottom line — don’t microwave your books.

Another good rule of thumb — don’t go to coronavirus parties trying to earn money.

Just be like Tom Hanks, and wear that mask, social quarantine, and use your common sense!

But, DON’T microwave your freaking books!

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