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You Can Get A Purple Starbucks Mushroom Cup That’s Perfect For Fall

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OMG!! I have never wanted a Starbucks cup so badly in my entire life!

Check out this purple Starbucks Halloween Mushroom Mason Jar Cup.


Isn’t it the most adorable thing you have ever seen?

This is just proof that Starbucks has the best cups. Hands down.


Now, this Starbucks Halloween Mushroom Cup is for cold drinks ONLY, so enjoy your PSL over ice!

It features a black cat with devil ears, a ghost, a Halloween owl, and a Starbucks beverage cup on the lid.

PLUS, it has the CUTEST mushroom straw cover to keep your drink nice and safe — and totally adorbs.


You want to make sure you don’t put this Starbucks Halloween Mushroom cup in the microwave, and only hand wash it to protect the integrity of the design.

Also, never use it for hot drinks. It could cause the cup to crack, and that’s the last thing you want.


This Starbucks Halloween Mushroom Cup was exclusive to China, but thanks to the wonderful world of Etsy, we can get our hands on one here in the United States!!

It isn’t crazy expensive, either.

You can get your own Starbucks Halloween Mushroom Cup for $40, and you better believe one went straight in my virtual cart.


Anyone who LOVES Halloween, purple, mushrooms, and Starbucks NEEDS this cup.

To get your own Starbucks Halloween Mushroom Mason Jar Cup, just head on over to the r22giftshop on Etsy.


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