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Brian Laundrie’s Parents Changed Camping Reservations Before Brian Returned Home

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Roberta, what’s up with this?

Moab PD

Things just keep getting weirder and y’all are looking super guilty, to me, it seems as though you are helping hide your son.

Gabby Petito

Roberta is the mother of Brian Laundrie, and she had made camping reservations on August 24th for 2 people at a campground in Florida.

Moab PD

She canceled those reservations on August 31st and then made a new reservation at the same campground for 3 people on September 3rd.

Gabby Petito

The reservation change increased the number of people included from 2 to 3 and the dates were set for September 6th through the 8th.

Fox News obtained documents showing this as well documents showing that the family checked in at the campground on September 6th and checked out on September 8th.

This means they knew Brian was on his way home, and they didn’t increase that number to 4 people… which you would think they would do to include Gabby right?


Dog the Bounty Hunter told Fox News that he had found out that the Laundrie family had camped with their son in Fort De Soto Park twice in early September.

Gabby Petito

The Laundrie family lawyer insists that the entire family checked out of the campground that day, but I’ll file this under things that make ya go hmmm…

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