This Turtle Bracelet Will Alert You If Your Child Falls Into The Pool and Every Parent Needs One

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This lady on TikTok found a genius way to keep her kids safe from the pool.

Courtesy of @emilyd729 on TikTok

There is nothing scary than the thought of your child falling into a pool when nobody is around.

Of course, you can put safety nets and tarps onto the pool, but you still never know. Accidents can happen.

Bring on the Safety Turtle. This cool little gadget was seen on TikTok by @emilyd729. She has these devices on her children, and they are the best way I’ve ever seen to make sure your kid stays safe from the water.

You can be the BEST parent, who always has 100% of your attention focused on your child. But, all it takes is turning around for one second for that child to run and get into major trouble.

The Safety Turtle has been around since 1997, and I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before now! It’s super ah-mazing.

You just put this strap on your child’s wrist or ankle, either one will work. You have to have a “key” to put the strap on and take it off, so the child can’t just undo the strap at will.

Courtesy of @emilyd729 on TikTok

There is an adorable plastic turtle on the strap, but it isn’t just to look cool. It is a water sensor, and it works crazy good.

As soon as the turtle touches any water, it sends a signal to the Safety Turtle sensor box that you have set up in the house.


This signal sets off a piercing alarm on the Safety Turtle sensor box, alerting you to the danger.


Simply place the small base in a window with full view of the pool. If a Turtle is submerged it will alarm immediately. It just takes a few seconds for a toddler or pet to wander out of view. Safety Turtle 2.0 is an additional layer of protection. The alarm is 100 db and can be heard throughout the house, telling you a little one has entered the pool. Safety Turtle 2.0 does not replace parental supervision.

Safety Turtle

This also works for pets you are worried will fall into the pool — or just for pets you want to keep OUT of the pool. There is an adapter you can use to put the Safety Turtle on your pet’s collar.

You can get the Safety Turtle on Amazon for around $165.00.


Watch the Safety Turtle demo by @emilyd729 below.


The Safety Turtle is what it’s called! ##momsoftiktok ##parenting ##dadsoftiktok ##indoorpool ##watersafety

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Now, if you are looking for something SUPER FUN to have in your pool, check out this inflatable sea turtle. Not only is it fun, it is adorable!!

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