Trader Joe’s Has $3 Succulents And I Am Obsessed

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Trader Joe’s has the cutest little succulents in little ceramic vases for only $2.99, and I nearly cleaned out my entire Trader Joe’s location today! Ha!

You can always count on Trader Joe’s to have the BEST plant selection, and it almost ALWAYS includes the super-popular succulent — which I love them for!

I mean really, the succulent is just about the ONLY house plant you will ever need. Especially if you tend to kill all the plants — like me. LOL!!

They are super easy to take care of. They don’t need a whole ton of water — so if you miss a day or three of watering them, they will still turn out okay. That is only a good thing in my world!!

Not to mention, they are just about the cutest little plants EVER!! They have so much personality, and there is so much variety in every kind of succulent. They have striped ones, ones that look like artichokes, some with thick, flat leaves, and you can even find succulents that look like hearts!! Gah!


But, these little succulents at Trader Joe’s are PERFECT! Not only because they are so dang cute, that $2.99 price has me loving them!!

If you have NEVER been to a Trader Joe’s — FIRST of all, we need to remedy this situation, because it is the most AWESOME store — the plants are usually by the front door. They are either right outside, on a group of shelves, or they are right inside the door — you can’t miss them!


While you are there, you have to check out their Watermelon Fruit Spread. OMG. I love this stuff. It sounds strange, but it is like summer in a jar.


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