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Move Over Alphas, Women Are Choosing ‘Beta Men’ These Days And It Makes Total Sense

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I’m sure you’ve heard of alpha males. But what about the betas?

Alphas are the men that women usually find themselves drawn to. The tall, dark, and handsome types. The bad boys.

The ones that spend all day in the gym and looking at themselves in the mirror.

I’m all for good looking and confident, but usually these are also the men that aren’t ready to commit, communicate, or settle down.

So women are starting to decide enough is enough.

Beta men seem to approach life a little differently.

They are more careful with how they carry themselves, more in tune with their feelings, and what they want in life.

Women these days are looking for men who are actually emotionally available and will fully respect them over the overly attractive, hard to reach men.

Enough is enough trying to change yourself to match up with someone who isn’t even emotionally available and will treat you as second best.

Now when I say beta men, I don’t mean less than or less attractive.

There are just types of men in the world who are looking out for themselves and trying to conquer the world, and then there’s the men that just seek happiness and being content. And the latter is much more appealing these days.

Beta men are better at expressing their feelings through communication. They are better in bed, due to tuning into the other’s needs. And they are less likely to feel threatened or jealous in awkward situations.

Beta men are finally taking the lead and nice men aren’t finishing last anymore. This is what I am all for!

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